Property management

Couple holding cups with hot chocolate with marshmallowsa place with memories from the past that looks to the future

A home safeguards the events of a lifetime. It tells a story. It is a place with ties that offers the serenity of family and a bond to your own roots. Dalisi Home Solutions will watch over your property for you and keep it functional and welcoming, as well as help you maximize its value or refurbish it.

Your home …trouble-free

Through Dalisi, Lina and Silvia have decided to make available their passion and expertise to offer a full-service package for property owners who, because they do not live close-by, require a reliable point-of-reference.
In addition to managing and providing the upkeep of the property, Dalisi offers services designed to facilitate its use by the owners: car rental with driver; catering, babysitting, surveillance, cleaning and maintenance… or even a party for friends!
Dalisi wants your “homecoming” to be a pleasurable experience, with a fire going in the fireplace and without chores to be done!

foto06Full Service


Checks that electricity, plumbing and gas and their supply are functioning properly; checks of the roof, walls and doors and windows, including in the wake of severe weather or other natural events.


Notification and handling of payment deadlines for local taxes and household utility invoices (waste removal, TASI, water, electricity, gas, telephone). Request and pick-up of certificates and permits and production of a full range of documents. If requested and delegated by the property owner, contact with local government or other offices for any bureaucratic questions that may arise.


Normal building maintenance (including yard work, regular cleaning and painting of interiors). Assistance in managing renovation work or extraordinary maintenance.


If required, management of third party rentals, including alternate forms of income (for example, bed & breakfast or widespread/virtual hotel).

Guaranteed professional approach

For its activities, Dalisi Home Solutions uses the services of only the most highly-trusted, qualified professionals and local artisans who can provide the required guarantees in terms of technical expertise, insurance coverage and workplace safety. On request, each of our services can be custom-designed because customer satisfaction is our basic and priority objective.

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